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Lori has written a number of newsletters and articles as resources for her clients and visitors. For your convenience, all of the links below will open in a new window.

ABQ Elder Law Blog

Articles and Newsletters:

NCEA (National Council on Elder Abuse) Resources:

Web Sites and Other Resources:


  • Medicaid Myth #1: Medicaid will take my house
  • Medicaid Myth #2: It is ok to give money or property away to get qualified for Medicaid
  • Medicaid Myth #3: I have too much money to qualify for Medicaid
  • Watch Lori’s Interview with Edward Nunez on Albuquerque GOVTV:
  • Watch Lori’s Presentation on “Obtaining Power of Attorney and Guardianship” at the 2019 Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Conference: